RGV Explains His Controversial Comments On Actress Sridevi: In a TV Interview, Director Ram Gopal Varma has given the explanation about his comments on Actress Sri Devi. RGV’s comments on Sri Devi has become the sensation in Indian Film Industry and it became the hot topic for many days. When RGV released a book called ‘Guns and Thighs’, this controversy was raised.RGV Explains His Controversial Comments On Actress Sridevi

In that book, RGV wrote an article regarding Sri Devi and her thighs. It seemed to be shameful for the fans about the way RGV wrote something on Sri Devi. When asked about those comments and the article, RGV explained it saying ‘Sri Devi and Boni Kapoor don’t have any objection, why you are having?’


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