Sapthagiri Sensat!onal C0mments To Brahmanandam: It’s an open thing that offers for ‘Ruler of Comedians’ Brahmandam have decreased and subsequently different entertainers have made their place in the space left by Brahmi. Comic Saptagiri doesn’t concur that Brahmi’s offers have ended up pitiful.

He makes it clear that he has no individual contrasts with the star comic.He clarifies that it is the age calculate that is keeping Brahmi far from a few movies. A craftsman’s vacation can’t be the same all through.As he is maturing now.

Brahmanandam can’t be approached to seek early morning shooting, as right on time as 5am. ‘I have developed as a performing artist impersonating Brahmi. Along these lines, there is no doubt that there are absence of offers for him’, says Saptagiri.

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