‘Dance’ is a performance art form. People, according to their places, traditions, cultures, they have different selected sequences of human movements. Dance is a kind of exercise that helps body function so well.

Here is a video of an IIT Delhi student who had danced so well on the stage. She performed on ‘Dhating Naach’ and Gandi Baat songs which are a huge hit. As the songs, the student had also danced very well as the people forgot the original actors in the song. Both the songs had rocked the internet when released.

It seemed that the songs are her favourite and hence she danced her best putting her heart out. Highlights factors of her dance are her superb moves, excellent timing, and awesome expressions.

Watch The Video Here:

Whenever we talk about IIT colleges and its students, one thing that comes in our minds is Serious Student. But this girl proved that our thinking is wrong and IIT students do everything as all normal students in other colleges.

Now, the video is breaking the internet and going viral like crazy. So how did you enjoy the video and the girl’s performance? Please share your views in the comments section below.


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