In times when social media sites are the on verge of replacing human connection, infidelity is something that has swiftly crept in modern marriages. The number of cheating partners has shot up and blindly trusting their spouse is something that people don’t do much these days.

Such was the story of this couple that was trending a year ago but is still an interesting read.It goes like this: a woman was sending her lingerie pictures to her husband while she was staying in a hotel. The texts on the snap were aimed at showing her love to the husband while sharing some intimate pics.Everything seemed perfect. Until she did something horrible that gave it away for her. What was that? Well, find out!

But to her surprise, the husband wasn’t amused by it. Not a single bit. Why?Well, he knew that his darling wife was cheating on him.So he decided to confront her in the messages.Without beating the bush, he simply jumped and asked, “Who is with you in the hotel room?”The wife, unaware of what’s going on, replied back with an explanation, “What are you talking about? I set my camera on timer.”

Seems legit, no? Well, not to the husband, apparently. He typed back, “Stop lying Chelsea I know you are not alone in that hotel room.”

“Yes, I am! I swear baby you know I would never cheat.” she fought back.

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Yes, the boots!


Well deserved!

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